Dear Parents,

What a year it has been! As the flurry of culminating experiences and celebrations came to a close, I am reminded of all that makes Greenhouse special.

This year we wondered, explored, and learned.

IMG_6663 IMG_6986


We lived, laughed, grew and loved.

IMG_6313 IMG_4324 029006


We made friends, cooked food, painted pictures and discovered answers to some important questions.

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It continues to be my pleasure and privilege to be a part of your family’s lives and to watch as your children grew and their personalities unfolded day by day, experience by experience.

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It is also my honor to be part of such a warm, supportive community.

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While today marks the end of our year together, it does not mark the end of our relationship. We will see some of you here in a few weeks for summer camp. We will see some returning in September to new rooms, new teachers and new friends. For the others–those families moving to different schools, different cities, even different countries–we will see you again too, in the neighborhood, at special events and always in our memories. A special thing happens at nursery school, the experience of sharing in your child’s early childhood years draws us together; we have become a part of each other. No matter where we go next or how many months roll by, we will always carry our shared Greenhouse experience with us.

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A special thank you to the faculty and staff – they are the heart of Greenhouse. Each day they provide just the right mix of love and learning. I am humbled to have the opportunity to work with such committed and dedicated educators.

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I’d also like to send out  huge thanks to all of the other class reps, committee chair people, and volunteers—your help is vital to our community. Notably, many dedicated and seasoned committee chair parents have reached the end of their family’s years at Greenhouse. For years (and years!), Rebecca Weel, mother of Freya (graduate of 3/4s) and Rachel (alum), has led the planning and execution of our Spring Fair. In addition, Jenny Falcon, mom of Emily, Zoe (alumni) and David (graduate of the 3/4s) and Suzette Berkey, mom of Daniel (alum) and Jonah (graduate of 3/4s), both played vital roles in the preparation and planning for the rummage sale at the fair for years. A special thank you for their help throughout their tenure at Greenhouse; I deeply appreciate your service and dedication to the school.

DSC_3049 PA Leadership DSC_0612

Lastly, an extra special thank you to the PA Co-Chairs—Stephanie Schafer, Pam Schnatterly and Katie Smith. For years, they have led the PA’s efforts to build a strong parent community. Each in their own way, have supported parents, built strong relationships with others and exuded a deep commitment to the work of the school. All three of them and their families are moving on to new things next year; their warm daily presence, unwavering support and thoughtful loyalty will be deeply missed.

Here is to another great year! Enjoy your summer!