Turning 3s, 3s, 4s, and 5s Preschool Programs

The Navigators, Adventurers, Researchers and Investigators (ages 2.9 – 5.0) are five day programs at Greenhouse and run from 9:00-1:00, with an option to extend until 2:45 on two days a week. Final class assignments in the four separate classes are made by giving consideration to birth dates, gender balance, and the individual needs of the children, families and the classes.

Our nursery school programs are specifically designed to meet the growing and expanding world of three and four year olds. As children enter into their third year of life, physically, they are more steady and sturdy; emotionally, they are eagerly reaching out to make connections with people and the world. School becomes their place; it becomes the place where they build their skills, find a friend, and do important work. The day is structured to provide varying opportunities for working alone, with a partner, in small and large groups. The day is balanced with active, energetic bursts and quiet, settled moments. Each group spends time outside and time working steadily in their classroom. Each day, month and year brings the children together to share ideas, resolve conflicts and move closer to becoming their true autonomous self.

writing3s-001website24“The greatest poem ever known
Is one all poets have outgrown:
The poetry, innate, untold,
Of being only four years old.”
Christopher Morley