“What will the year be like for my child? Will they be able to say goodbye without too many tears? Will they make a new friend? What will they learn this year? Ultimately, will they be ready for kindergarten?”

Last September, I posed these questions to the parent body in my Opening Remarks at our Welcome Back meeting. And now — here we are — at the official end of the school year, looking back and remembering those feelings of anticipation and worry and wondering where did the time go?

The school year was filled with exploration and wonder and discovery.

Our children’s sense of confidence grew with each passing day. They built warm relationships with teachers and they learned that their beloved grownups will always come back.

Some made their first friends! And others solidified life-long friendships! They shared ideas and worked together to see those ideas come to life.


And they learned! Oh, the things they learned! And yes, they are ready – ready for anything that life will bring them.

While the last day of the school marks a definite type of ending, our connection and memories will never end. Once a Greenhouse kid – always a Greenhouse kid! While it may be good-bye for now, we know that we will reconnect again – maybe in a few weeks at camp, in September in a new class or next year at the Spring Fair! The school year ends, Greenhouse lives on.

It continues to be my deepest honor to be the educational leader of this community. I recognize how lucky I am to get to be a part of something so special! Thank you to the faculty and staff- they hold the mission of this school in their daily work and they also hold the love of each one of your kids. They make me proud to be a part of the team every single day. Also a loud, happy shout -out to the PA leadership, Annie, Natasha and all of the Class Reps. Together, they help us build the inclusive, friendly extended community that Greenhouse is known for – we wouldn’t be who we are without all of you!

Hope your summer is filled with rest, laughter and ice cream! Looking forward to reconnecting soon –