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Dear Friends and Families of Columbia Greenhouse,

100 years old! The 2019-2020 school year marks a major milestone–100 years of Columbia Greenhouse Nursery School’s deep commitment to young children and families. Remarkably, the Greenhouse of today is very much as it began. We hold a momentous history and long-standing commitment to protecting early childhood and supporting families. We maintain a deep dedication to serving a diverse community and an established tradition of parent involvement.  Our professional faculty maintains their magical flare for high quality early childhood education that continues to make Greenhouse distinctive. While our core values have stayed consistent and strong, we also understand the need to remain vibrant, current and relevant as we position ourselves for the next 100 years.

I write to ask you – our friends, families, and alumni – to help us by making a year-end gift to our Centennial Fund Appeal. The monies raised in our Appeal allow us to continue to offer a top-quality program as well as propel us forward into our exciting future. Your gift impacts every student every day. In addition to supporting our ongoing work, money raised in our Centennial Fund will help us complete a much-needed new renovation of our outdoor play space. “The Big Yard,” as it is affectionately known, lays the scene for many grand memories for every Greenhouse student. Our vision is to transform the yard into a dynamic and exciting extension of our classrooms. In order to do that, we need your help.

Please join us in our work; your Centennial Fund gift is critical to our success. In honor of our history, in support of our future, make a donation to Greenhouse today. All donations – regardless of the amount – are truly needed in order to meet our goals, and are received with heartfelt gratitude.

We are thrilled to be celebrating and honoring 100 year of Greenhouse with you and yours.


Renee and The Board of Trustees