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Dear Friends, Families and Alumni of Columbia Greenhouse Community,

As I sit at my desk to write this letter, I hear the echoes of children’s laughter floating from their classroom, the crashing of a block building (followed by an emotional groan!) and the faint gleeful screams from the big yard.  I feel such gratitude to be surrounded by the joyful sounds of Greenhouse! While it is clear that the 2020-2021 school year will be a year like no other, we can be sure of one thing. As we have for over 100 years, Greenhouse remains steadfast and true to our mission of protecting the early childhood years and supporting families. While COVID is having a direct impact on so much of our daily life, we are committed to preserving the Greenhouse experience for this generation and those yet to come. To do this, we need your help.

Can you make a donation to our Annual Fund?

COVID has had a direct impact on our enrollment. Due to the safety measures and class-size restrictions, our tuition income is 75% of a typical year. On top of this, we cannot hold any of our traditional fundraising events. Your Annual Fund gift is critical every year – it is even more critical this year. Instead of supporting Greenhouse at our Annual Benefit, make a gift of $250 and directly donate the actual cost of a benefit ticket. Instead of buying baked goods at the Apple Day Bake Sale make a direct donation to the Annual Fund. Your support of our Annual Fund will help to securely position Greenhouse for the future.

Please join us in the work of preserving our Greenhouse experience and make a tax-deductible online donation to Greenhouse today. All donations – regardless of amount – are truly needed and are received with heartfelt gratitude.


Renee and The Board of Trustees