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November 2022

Dear Friends, Families and Alumni of Columbia Greenhouse Community,

As we have for over 103 years, Columbia Greenhouse Nursery School remains steadfast and true in our mission to support young children’s development. We are proud of our proven history and long-standing dedication to protecting early childhood and supporting families. We remain deeply committed to preserving the Greenhouse experience for this generation and those yet to come. To do this, we need your help.

Can you make a donation to our Annual Fund?

Our Annual Fund is the cornerstone of Greenhouse’s fundraising efforts and supports a significant percentage of our operating budget. Like all independent schools, our tuition fees cover only a portion of the true costs associated with our complete operating expenses. The monies raised in our Annual Fund allow us to continue to offer the quality program for which Greenhouse is known.  Your gift impacts every student every day; make a gift of $250 and help us continue to provide the latest materials and equipment to keep our kids discovering and exploring. Any gift you make today helps us continue to build a healthy financial aid fund so that we can continue to provide families with the help they need to access our program. A generous Annual Fund contribution allows us to continue to retain and attract talented and passionate early childhood educators. Your participation in our Annual Fund is critical to our ongoing work.

Please join us in the work of preserving our Greenhouse experience and make a donation to Greenhouse today. There are two ways to give: mail your donation directly to Greenhouse or donate online. (

All donations – regardless of amount – are truly needed and are received with heartfelt gratitude.



Renee Mease, Director and The Board of Trustees