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Dear Friends and Families of Columbia Greenhouse,

The 2017-2018 school year marks the 98th year of Columbia Greenhouse Nursery School’s deep commitment to young children and families. We are proud of our significant history and long-standing commitment to protecting early childhood. Today, Greenhouse’s mission stays true to its roots: to support children’s learning by providing rich experiences with materials, friends and adults in a warm, inviting environment, all while constantly reflecting, wondering and growing in our understanding of our work.

I write to ask you – our friends, families, and alumni – to make a year-end gift to our Annual Fund Appeal.  Like all independent schools, our tuition fees cover only a portion of the true costs associated with our complete operating expenses. The monies raised in our Fund Appeal allow us to continue to offer the quality program for which Greenhouse is known.  Your gift impacts every student every day; make a gift and help us continue to provide the latest materials and equipment to keep your kids discovering and exploring. With your gift of $100 or more today, we will continue to attract and retain talented and passionate educators. Notably, this year marks the 25th year of teaching at Greenhouse for two of our beloved faculty members, Paula Doerfel and Angela Coulibaly. You may choose to make a donation in honor of their years of service. Lastly, any gift you make today helps us continue to build a healthy financial aid fund so that we can continue to provide families with the help they need to access our program. Your Annual Fund gift is critical to our ongoing work.

Please join us in our endeavors and make a tax-deductible donation to Greenhouse today. All donations – regardless of the amount – are truly needed in order to meet our goals, and are received with heartfelt gratitude.

As always, you are our best partners in providing quality early childhood programing for young children and their families.


Renee Mease, Director


The Board of Trustees

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