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Dear Friends and Families of Columbia Greenhouse,

99 years old! The 2018-2019 school year marks the 99th year of Columbia Greenhouse Nursery School’s deep commitment to young children and families. Our momentous history and long-standing commitment to protecting early childhood and supporting families is extraordinary.  Today, Greenhouse’s mission stays true to its roots; so much of what we do and who we are today, has clear and direct links to our past. While our identity stays consistent, a good school is a living, changing community that requires continual reflection, renovation and development.

I write to ask you – our friends, families, and alumni – to make a year-end gift to our Annual Fund Appeal.  Like all independent schools, our tuition fees cover only a portion of the true costs associated with our complete operating expenses. The monies raised in our Fund Appeal allow us to continue to offer the quality program for which Greenhouse is known.  Your gift impacts every student every day. Last year, Annual Fund money purchased much-needed classroom furniture and equipment. Your gift of $100 or more means a beloved teacher will be able to attend a professional development conference to pursue an area of interest. Annual Fund money allowed us to give financial aid grants to over 20% of the children attending Greenhouse. Your Annual Fund gift is critical to our ongoing work.

Please join us in our work and make a tax-deductible donation to Greenhouse today. All donations – regardless of the amount – are truly needed in order to meet our goals, and are received with heartfelt gratitude.

As always, you are our best partners in providing quality early childhood programming for young children and their families



Renee Mease, Director


The Board of Trustees