A limited number of grants for tuition assistance are made each year.  A family that is interested in applying for a grant should indicate their interest on the application form. A separate Tuition Assistance Form will be forwarded to you with instructions.  Eligibility for a grant and the amount awarded is based on a family’s demonstrated need and availability of funds. Families receiving assistance have a variety of incomes and financial profiles. While there is not a set maximum income eligibility figure, we generally expect a family to be able to pay 13% of their income to the cost of their children’s education. In addition to income, some of the factors used to determine eligibility include savings and investments, assets, number of dependents, and other unique family situations. As our funds are limited and the financial constraints of raising children in the city are varied and intense, we are often unable to bridge the full gap between a family’s demonstrated need and the cost of tuition. Generally, our grants range from 15-20% of the cost of tuition. Families must re-apply for tuition assistance every year.