We are thrilled to share our  Annual Report 2020-2021. While it was a year that almost defies explanation — reflecting on and articulating the year that we spent together was a very cathartic experience. I hope you enjoy the pictures, words and sentiments of this year in review.

Excerpt from Renee’s Opening of the Annual Report: “…This vision of a greenhouse – as an intentional place of protection that has the sole purpose of nurturing growth and development – has been such a guiding image for me this year. As we held the outside world at bay, we turned inward and focused on our kids. Our brave and dedicated faculty and staff committed to ensuring that our kids felt safe and grounded at school. We focused on building connections and relationships and we let learning flourish. The classrooms became a shelter – for kids and teachers, alike. While there were struggles and challenges and changes, ultimately, our kids found the right mix of light, love and fertile ground inside the walls of Greenhouse. Despite the world outside, our kids laughed, learned and thrived at school. Columbia Greenhouse as a sanctuary, as an oasis, as a refuge – that idea is what strengthened me this year.”