Dear Parents,

As the school year comes to a close, I am warmed by the joy and glee I saw on the faces of our children as they prepare for their ending celebrations and draw their year of work and learning to a close. This year, the children came together and discussed and thought about important ideas like friendship,



and themselves!

Together, they made music.

They wrote stories, postcards and newspapers.

They counted, sorted and measured.

They filled their days with wonder!

It continues to be my pleasure and privilege to be a part of your family’s lives and share in your children’s growth and development.

It is also my honor to be part of such a warm, supportive community.

While today marks the official end of the school year, it is not the end of anything more official than that! For those families moving on to new schools or new cities, it is simply your daily visit to Greenhouse that ends. Your connection to and membership in our community continues on and on; the experience of sharing in your children’s early childhood years will always bind us, no matter where you roam. We’ll look forward to seeing the rest of you back here in a few weeks for camp or returning in the fall.

I send a very special thank you to the faculty and staff for their dedication and tireless efforts. They are the heart and soul of Greenhouse and are responsible for so much of what makes us special. A special shout out of love and thanks to Dolly, our 4/5s head teacher, as she sets out to discover life-after Greenhouse.

I’d also like to send out huge thanks to all of the Class Reps, committee chair people, and volunteers—your help is vital to our community. Also, an extra special thank you to the PA Co-Chairs—Lydia Barker and Sharmillee Ramudit. They have led the PA’s efforts to build a strong parent community with warmth and grace. Along with all of the individual Class Reps, they have supported parents, built strong relationships with others and exuded a deep commitment to the work of the school. Thank you to the entire PA team for everything. I’d also like to say a special good-bye to Sharmilee, as she and her family move on to other adventures in the future. Her leadership has been instrumental in building our Class Rep program and fostering a strong community. We will miss your friendly smiles in the halls of Greenhouse.

Much love to all! Enjoy your summer,