Dear Parents,

The end of the year is always filled with so many, sometimes conflicting, emotions. There is such joy in celebrating the growth and learning that our children have experienced over the year, mixed with sadness at recognizing the end of a special moment in our lives. There is anticipation for what is to come, mixed with longing for what is passed. In reflecting on and honoring the work and learning we did this year, I am reminded that our children filled their days with wonder,



and creative expression.

They found their voice.


They found their agency.


They found a friend.


They made connections to the world outside of school.

It continues to be my pleasure and privilege to be a part of your family’s lives and share in your children’s growth and development.


It is also my honor to be part of such a warm, supportive community.


While today marks the official end of the school year, it is not the end of anything more official than that! As one of our children stated today, “It is okay to be sad about leaving our school.” And a teacher confirmed that it is sad to leave sometimes, but even when you move on to another class or another school you will always carry the memories of your time at Greenhouse in your heart and in your mind. For those families moving on to new schools or new cities, it is simply your daily visit to Greenhouse that ends. Greenhouse is always in your heart and mind; and you and your family will always be in our heart and mind. To the rest that are returning, we’ll look forward to seeing you back here in a few weeks for camp or returning in the fall.

I send a very special thank you to the faculty and staff for their dedication and tireless efforts. They are the heart and soul of Greenhouse and are responsible for so much of what makes us special. A special shout out of love to Kira, who will be leaving our Greenhouse family at the end of the year. She and her family are moving out of the city. We will miss her very much. Also, an extra special good-bye to Vera. As I’ve said before, it is the end of an era. Vera has warmed the hallways of Greenhouse for over 30 years. She has left a permanent and lasting mark on the lives of hundreds of children and families. We wish her the warmest wishes as she sets out to discover life after Greenhouse.


I’d also like to send out huge thanks to all of the Class Reps, committee chair people, and volunteers—your help is vital to our community. Also, an extra special thank you to the PA Co-Chairs—Lydia Barker, Susannah Gold and Lauren Weigel. They have led the PA’s efforts to build a strong parent community with warmth and grace. Along with all of the individual Class Reps, they have supported parents, built strong relationships with others and exuded a deep commitment to the work of the school. I’d also like to say a special thank you and good-bye to Lydia! After many years of leading the PA, this is Lydia’s last year here at Greenhouse. She has been an invaluable asset to me and the entire Greenhouse community. Every day I will miss seeing her (and Sam, Gemma and Chris!) in the halls of Greenhouse. Thank you and warmest wishes, Lydia, as you move on to the next chapter!

Much love to all! Enjoy your summer,