Dear Parents,

What a year it has been! With this week’s quiet hallways and classrooms, I took some time to reflect on the wonderful year it has been.

This year we practiced solving problems and finding solutions.

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We took turns, used our voice to express our needs and listened to the needs and wants of others.

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We got lost in a story, used materials to express our ideas and felt like capable and competent learners.

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It continues to be my pleasure and privilege to be a part of your family’s lives and to watch as your children grow and their personalities unfold day by day, experience by experience.

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It is also my honor to be part of such a warm, supportive community.

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We look forward to the hustle and bustle to return to our hallways next week as camp begins. For those not returning next week, we look forward to seeing you in September to new rooms, new teachers and new friends. For the others–those families moving to different schools, different cities, even different countries–we wish you well. We look forward to seeing you again, too–on the block, at the fair or in our memories. No matter where you are in September, your Greenhouse family is here cheering you on.

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A special thank you to the faculty and staff – they are the heart of Greenhouse. Each day they provide just the right mix of love and learning. I am humbled to have the opportunity to work with such committed and dedicated educators.

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I’d also like to send out  huge thanks to all of the other class reps, committee chair people, and volunteers—your help is vital to our community. Notably, many dedicated and seasoned committee chair parents have reached the end of their family’s years at Greenhouse. For years, Rachel Maniatis, mother of Kyra (graduate of 4/5s) has led the planning and execution of our Benefit. Her leadership has been instrumental in record-breaking fundraising and success at the auction. I am deeply grateful for her work. In addition, Kerry Ann Evans-Thompson and Bradford Thompson, parents of Cassius (alumni) and Lucea (graduate of the 4/5s) have chaired the Apple Day Bake Sale for more years than I can even count. Their easy-going leadership style made the day of selling treats on campus both a successful fundraiser and an opportunity for parents to get to know one another. I am so appreciative for their efforts and support through the years.

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Lastly, an extra special thank you to the PA Co-Chairs—Lydia Barker and Sharmillee Ramudit. They have led the PA’s efforts to build a strong parent community with warmth and grace. Along with all of the individual Class Reps, they have supported parents, built strong relationships with others and exuded a deep commitment to the work of the school. Thank you to the entire PA team for everything.

Here is to another great year! Enjoy your summer!