Summer Camp at Greenhouse

June 20-July 29

This summer, build onto your child’s natural curiosity and desire to explore and make sense of their world in an exciting and familiar setting. Join some of our faculty as we engage your child’s mind and body in scientific discovery, creative expression and physical, active play.

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Science Studio: A new addition to our camp program! Visits to our Science Studio, designed and facilitated by Camp Director (and 3/4s Teacher) Paula Doerfel. Here, children will explore a broad collection of scientific materials and investigate small group hands-on activities intentionally designed to activate the curious and lively minds of our young scientists.

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Creative Arts: Paint, sculpture or collage–whatever the medium, campers will have the time and tools to express their thoughts and ideas using interesting materials and participate in the creative process.

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Outdoor Play, including water play: Whether it is playing in the mud kitchen in our small yard or visiting a neighborhood park, kids will have countless opportunity to be outside, moving their bodies, enjoying the summer fun.

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Community Excursions: Each session, an exciting adventure is planned for the senior campers. Past visits include trips to the Natural History Museum, puppet shows or musical performances in the park.

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Junior Campers (2day  and 3day 2s)

Choose between three day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) or five day (Monday-Friday) from 9:00-12:00.

Senior Campers (2/3s Afternoon, Young 3s, Older 3s, 3/4s, 4/5s)

Five day (Monday-Friday) from 9:00-1:00

The summer is divided into three 2-week sessions. Enroll in one, two or all three sessions (additional details on registration form). Enrollment is first opened to currently enrolled students. Families of newly enrolled students may be eligible for attendance at summer camp (contact Renee, if interested). If space allows, other interested families may enroll.