We are pleased to share the Annual Report 2019-2020, our 100th anniversary year.  Indeed, it was quite a memorable year!

Excerpt from Renee’s Opening of the Annual Report:  “The “greenhouse” imagery – the idea of constructing a physical place that’s sole purpose is to nurture growth and development, at times, even providing protection from the outside elements — has never been clearer or more meaningful to me.  Inside a greenhouse one plants a seed, nurtures it, encourages it to bloom and grow at its natural rate, all while providing a watchful, loving hand, regardless of the conditions outside the door of the greenhouse. How this image relates to Greenhouse’s commitment to young children in their earliest years of life in the context of the larger world both in 1919 and today fills me with renewed determination, purpose and resolve. Our Greenhouse remains strong and steady. Through the fear, chaos and uncertainty that lies outside the Greenhouse door, we hold our resolve to protect the early childhood years and cultivate the just-right conditions for joyful growth and discovery.  We nurture each individual child so that they can grow and develop at their own rate. We provide the right mix of light and love. It is with hope and steadfastness that we stand firm in our greenhouse and turn our eyes to the future.”