“Tonight, we begin a journey together. On our journey, we will watch your children grow, develop and unfold. Together, we will experience the world through the eyes of your children. We will get to know each other’s personal stories and share our lives for a time.”

These were my opening words to you, the parent body, at our Welcome Back meeting last September. And now as we officially end the school year, I am reminded of what a joyful journey it has been. It’s been a journey filled with:


cities to build,


food to cook,


problems to solve,


and stories to tell.

And most importantly, as I said in September, there were relationships to form!


Our children made friends–


they made friends that will last a lifetime!


We’ve made friends–


we made friends that will last a lifetime!

and telephones with the blocks, so we could talk to our friends.

Our children found support, love


and we all found a community!

These experiences and connections will last and grow across miles and years. While it is good-bye for now, we know that we will reconnect again—either in a few weeks at camp, in September in a new class, or some unknown day down the road. We know that this journey we’ve been on together—the journey of sharing your children, watching them grow—connects us in a way that good-byes just cannot end.

It continues to be my privilege and honor to be a part of the Greenhouse community. A special thank you to the faculty and staff – they are the heart of Greenhouse. Each day they provide just the right mix of love and learning. I am humbled to have the opportunity to work with such committed and dedicated educators. Also a huge shout out to the PA Leadership, Stephanie Schafer, Pam Schnatterly and Katie Smith! Through their thoughtful planning and hard work, they have provided parents with valuable opportunities to gather and come together as a community and provided vital support to the school. Thanks to the class reps, committee chair people and volunteers—your involvement with the school has meant so much to all of us.

Enjoy your summer,