Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!

Each year, I look forward to this night. The inherent possibilities that lie in the anticipation of a beginning fill me with excitement, eagerness and appreciation. Tonight, anything is possible for this school year.  As I prepared for tonight, three main themes or threads appeared. The first thread involves the past. This year marks Greenhouse’s […]

Annual Report 2017-2018

We are pleased to share our Annual Report for school year 2017-2018. Annual Report 2017-2018 We look forward to another year of learning. Warmly, Renee

When your child gets hurt by another child

“What do you do when a child hits another child?” Recently, a parent of an applicant asked this question on a tour of Greenhouse. I began by explaining that we see these moments—tussling over a truck, knocking over someone’s building, hitting another child who took your crayons—as an opportunity to teach prosocial behaviors.  I explained […]