0ReneeWelcome to our website. Columbia Greenhouse is a very special environment where young children are seen as capable, competent, eager young learners. Each day finds our classrooms filled with discoveries, questions, purposeful play, and joy. The children are always finding rich and meaningful ways to show and represent what they think and know about the world. Our teachers expertly enter into a collaborative, supportive dance with the children and together they explore topics of interest in a deep and meaningful way. Our highly credentialed and experienced faculty know that young children learn best when they are warmly connected to the adults and other children in the group. Parents are our partners in this process and help us cultivate each child’s uniqueness and strengths. It is my hope that our website conveys the warmth and passion of our community and our commitment to young children and families. I look forward to sharing more about our school with you.

Renee Mease