Dear Families,

As the school year comes to a close, I am warmed by the joy and glee I saw on the faces of our children as they celebrated their year of work and learning. Each day they came together and asked interesting questions like

Anya, Quin, and Lydia count the shoots growing from the bulbs.  Quin says "Were going to have so many flowers!"

“Do all flowers come from seeds?”


and “How can we make a cash register for our ice cream store?”

We stretched our thinking and expressed our ideas.

"If you crack them, then there will be a yolk," Sebastian went on. "But there's no yolk in this one," pondered Margaux, as she held up the cracked ostrich egg. "Why do you think that is?" a teacher asked. "Because the little baby made magic to make the yolk disappear" answered Sebastian.

“If you crack them, then there will be a yolk,” Sebastian said. “But there’s no yolk in this one,” Margaux pointed out, as she held up the cracked ostrich egg. “Why do you think that is?” a teacher asked. “Because the little baby made magic to make the yolk disappear” surmised Sebastian.

We learned new information and skills.


like how many trees are on our block!


and how many legs are on a spider.

We also made plans and created with interesting materials.

We were interested by the different colors we could make.

We also enjoyed discovering the properties of the 'moon sand'--filling up cups, packing it down, even scooping it out of the tray and dumping it on the floor (a few times!).

And as I promised you all on Open School night last September, we made lots of friends!

IMG_7513  IMG_4430

It continues to be my pleasure and privilege to be a part of your family’s lives and share in your children’s growth and development. While today marks the official end of the school year, it is not the end of anything more official than that! For those families moving on to new schools or new cities, it is simply your daily visit to Greenhouse that ends. Your connection to and membership in our community continues on and on; the experience of sharing in your children’s early childhood years will always be carried with us, no matter what school or what city comes next. We’ll look forward to seeing the rest of you back here in a few weeks for camp or returning in the fall.

I send a very special thank you to the faculty and staff for their dedication and tireless efforts. They are the consistent heart of Greenhouse and are responsible for so much of what makes us special. I’d also like to send out a special thank you to the PA leadership—Stephanie Schafer, Pam Schnatterly and Katie Smith. Your leadership has been a huge support this year. Thanks to the other PA leaders, class reps, committee chair people and volunteers—you have all helped make this year successful.

Enjoy your summer!