IMG_0115Columbia Greenhouse’s greatest strength is our vibrant, talented and dedicated faculty. Our faculty work tirelessly to build trusting connections with our students because we know that young children learn best when they feel securely wrapped inside a warm and loving relationship. Supporting each individual child as they explore, learn and make sense of their world is a primary goal of Greenhouse’s faculty.

As a community of learners, we are firmly committed to professional development. In addition to attending local, national or international workshops and conferences, we meet regularly as a whole staff to share and build onto our own intellectual pursuits. We ask questions, discuss ideas, and review current research; always in pursuit of honing our thinking, skills and knowledge of early childhood education.


Nexhmije Avoricani, 2s and 2/3s Afternoon Assistant Teacher
A.A. equivalent, Tirana University, Albania

Nina Basescu, 3s Assistant Teacher
B.A., Oberlin College; M.S. Ed., Bank Street College of Education

Pamela Butler, Young 3s Head Teacher
B.A., The College of Wooster; M.S. Ed., Bank Street College of Education

Erica Cintron, 3/4s Assistant Teacher
A.A., Mercy College; currently pursuing B.A., Mercy College

Angela Coulibaly, Older 3s Head Teacher
B.S., City College of New York; M.S. Ed., City College of N. Y

Paula Doerfel, 3/4s Head Teacher
B.A., SUNY Cortland; M.S. Ed., Queens College

Vera Elumn, Administrator
B.S., City College of New York

Heather Guerrier, 4/5s Assistant Teacher
B.S., New York City Technical College; M.S. Ed., Fordham University

Lorraine Harner, Consulting Psychologist
B.S., New York University: Ph.D., Columbia University Teachers College

Ashley Kuitunen, Administrative Assistant
B.A., Oberlin College

Renee Mease, Director
B.A. Kutztown University; M.S. Ed., Bank Street College of Education

Tolisa Orr-Chambliss, 3/4s Assistant Teacher
B.A., College of New Rochelle

Kira Rutherford-Boese, Young 3s Assistant Teacher
B.A., Hofstra University

Rachel Roth, 2s and 2/3s Afternoon Head Teacher
B.A., St. Francis College

David Vining, 4/5s Co-Teacher
B.A., Sarah Lawrence; M.S. Ed., Bank Street College of Education

Margaret Williams, 4/5s Head Teacher
B.A., Hampton University; M.S. Ed., Bank Street College of Education